Nobody walks alone at night in the forest without trembling. Darkness and trees, two formidable depths – a reality of chimeras appears in the indistinct distance. The Inconceivable outlines itself a few steps from you with a spectral clearness. You see floating in space or in your brain something strangely vague and unseizable as the dreams of sleeping flowers. There are fierce phantoms in the horizon. You breathe in the odours of the great black void. You are afraid, and tempted to look behind you. The hollowness of night, the haggardness of all things, the silent profiles that fade away as you advance, the obscure dishevelments, angry clumps, livid pools, the gloomy reflected in the funeral, the sepulchral immensity of silence, the possible unknown beings, the swaying of mysterious branches, the frightful twistings of the trees, long spires of shivering grass – against all this you have no defence.

Victor Hugo – Les Misérables

Liberation is not Deliverance

He was in one of those moods in which the ideas we have in our minds are perturbed. There was a kind of vague ebb and flow in his brain. His oldest and his latest memories floated about pell-mell, and crossed each other confusedly, losing their own shapes, swelling beyond measure, then disappearing all at once, as if in a muddy and troubled stream.

Victor Hugo – Les Misérables

A breath away from Hell

It’s a world where the dogs eat the dogs
Where they kill for the bones in the street
And God in His Heaven
He don’t interfere
‚Cause He’s dead as the stiffs at my feet.
I raise my eyes to see the heavens
And only the moon looks down,
The harvest moon shines down.

Les Misérables – Dog Eats Dog

And tomorrow never came

Phantom faces at the window,
Phantom shadows on the floor.
Empty chairs at empty tables
Where my friends will meet no more.

Oh my friends, my friends, don’t ask me
What your sacrifice was for.
Empty chairs at empty tables
Where my friends will sing no more.

Les Misérables – Empty Chairs at Empty Tables


You’re here until you die

Look down, look down
Don’t look ‚em in the eye
Look down, look down,
You’re here until you die
The sun is strong
It’s hot as hell below
Look down, look down,
There’s twenty years to go
I’ve done no wrong!
Sweet Jesus hear my prayer!
Look down, look down,
Sweet Jesus doesn’t care

Prologue: Work Song (Les Misérables)

Hatred is what I know

Slowly I learnt the ways of humans: how to ruin, how to hate, how to debase, how to humiliate. And at the feet of my master I learnt the highest of human skills, the skill no other creature owns: I finally learnt how to lie.

NTLs Frankenstein

She wants the silence but fears the solitude

She can’t see the landscape anymore
It’s all painted in her grief
All of her history etched out at her feet

Now all of the landscape, it’s just an empty place
Acres of longing, mountains of tenderness

Cause she’s just like the weather
Can’t hold her together
Born from dark water
Daughter of the rain and snow

Florence + the Machine – Landscape

No more parades, not any more

Now we affront the grinning chops of Death
And in between the carcases and the moil
Of marts and cities, toil and moil and coil
Old Spectre blows a cold protecting breath
Vanity of vanities, the preacher saith
No more parades, not any more, no oil
Unambergris’d our limbs in the naked soil
No funeral struments cast before our wraiths.

Ford Madox Ford – Parade’s End